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September 1, 2020

Excel Your Business with Commercial Self Storage

Give your business the space it needs to thrive. Rent a self storage unit in the area you will be working, and keep your inventory and equipment safe. 4Storage has two convenient locations in Philadelphia PA and Bristol PA to help you take your business to the next level. We have drive-up and temperature-controlled storage options for all your commercial self storage needs.

When Should You Get Storage for Your Business?

You may struggle to find a work-life balance with your business taking over your home. Keep your office or workspace clear to actually do work. Store whatever is leftover with us. You might want to rent commercial self storage if you are:

  • Starting your business
  • Expanding (higher demand, adding workers or space)
  • Moving to a new location
  • Clearing workspace

When you self-manage a business, it usually comes with inventory and equipment that quickly starts to stack up. Organize it all in a storage unit close by. You can still access your items whenever you need to, and you can be sure everything will stay safe.

What Businesses Can Use Commercial Self Storage?

Whether you are an already-established business or you just recently took the first steps of creating your Etsy page, 4Storage can help you find the right storage solution. These are a few examples of business that can benefit from commercial self storage:


Contractors generally need quite a bit of storage. Construction teams need a place to keep their materials and equipment. Landscaping tools, especially tractors and mowers, most likely will cannot be stored around your house. Self storage lets you keep everything handy without taking away your personal storage space. If you have an upcoming job in Bucks County PA, rent a storage unit with 4Storage to keep supplies close to your work site.

(Tip: Rent a drive-up storage unit for easier loading and unloading.)

E-Commerce Businesses

The beauty of selling a product online is that you can work from anywhere. The downside is that “anywhere” usually means your home, and supplies and inventory can stack up quickly. E-commerce businesses big and small can benefit from keeping their inventory in self storage. Renting storage close to you allows for easy access and keeps your home office space clear.

Sales Representatives

Makeup, jewelry, clothes, pharmaceuticals. You name it. Whether you are selling for a company or are involved in multi-level marketing, you can expect to be flooded with inventory. Self storage helps sales representatives stay organized while they are traveling and gives them a central location to access their merchandise. Similar to how they help e-commerce businesses, storage units keep inventory out of your home and free up workspace.

(Note: Some inventory items may need additional protection. Temperature-controlled storage units protect sensitive items like furniture, marketing materials, and files.)

4Storage in Bucks County PA

4Storage is your one-stop shop for expanding your Bucks County PA business. Your business deserves the space to grow, and you deserve a clean, happy workspace. Our security systems have cameras monitoring 24/7 for your and your belongings’ protection. Find a temperature-controlled or drive-up commercial storage unit near you!

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