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January 10, 2020

How to Reclaim Your Space for The New Year

The new year has already been welcomed in, so it is time for you to take down those holiday lights, put your wreaths away, and get all of your other decorations stored out of the way. For some people, having extra available space in their home for all their holiday decorations is not a reality. So, making sure you make the most use out of your space is very important. Here at 4 Storage 4 You, we have the holiday storage tips, you will want to try out!

Holiday Storage Tips

  1. Shrinkwrap your artificial tree for protection during the winter, spring, and summer months.
  2. Use coat hangers for your wreaths.
  3. Wrap your strands of holiday lights around a piece of cardboard, eliminating tangling.
  4. Egg cartons hold small-round ornaments perfectly.
  5. Use magazine racks for storing gift bags, so they stayed organized.

Discover more helpful holiday storage tips here!

Which Storage Unit Will Benefit You The Most

Small Storage Unit (5×5 – 5×10): Plenty of room for some indoor and outdoor decorations, plus an artificial tree or two.

Medium Storage Unit (10×10 – 10×15): Perfect for having a lot of decorations spread all throughout your house. Additionally, you can fit in a good amount of outdoor decorations into these units as well if you are trying to show off your home to your neighborhood.

Large storage Unit (10×20 – 10×30): This is the size of a normal one-car garage. You will have all the room in order for storing enough holiday decorations that will allow you to be able to set up a holiday village on your property!

Storing at 4 Storage 4 You

Here at 4 Storage 4 You, our two facilities are located in PA. One is located in Philadelphia PA and the other in Bristol PA. 4 Storage 4 You is a great solution for your storage needs in the Philadelphia and Bristol PA areas.

Find storage near you and start reclaiming your space with storage today!

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