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September 25, 2019

Tips For Back To School and Seasonal Storage

How can 4 Storage offer more than just local storage? With the seasons changing so do your supplies and our storage space can be the solution to help you swap your yard equipment for snow tools. Along with available storage rentals in 3 neighborhoods, our tips for organizing during back to school season can make the start of the school manageable.

Find a local storage solution Deer Park NY, Bristol PA, and Philadelphia PA while also getting ready for another school year. 4 Storage can be your resource for saving space!

Local Storage

Tips for The School Year

  1. Mornings are hectic, to say the least, keep everything in one easy to grab location. Use a white board to leave reminders for papers or lunches.
  2. Make homework fun with a station and supplies kids may need.
  3. Misplacing a lunch box or water bottle can happen, to ensure it returns put a label on it.
  4. Apps like Here Comes the Bus and MyHomework will keep the kids on track.
  5. Layout the outfits for the week by using a hanging shoe rack. Remember to check the weather before heading out the door.

Seasonal Swap: How to Store for Cool Weather

  1. Swap shorts and t-shirts for sweaters and pants with the help of InStyle.
  2. Give yourself time to let your tents and sleeping bags air out after your last use.
  3. Prepare yourself to do a little maintenance on your lawn care items before winter. Change the oil, fill tires, and remove any gas if moving equipment into our storage units.
  4. Boxes with clear labels will keep everything organized while in storage.
  5. Talk with a 4 Storage manager about storing your RV or vehicle with us for the summer! Our storage facilities offer outdoor parking.

Choose a 4 Storage location closest to you and start getting ready for cooler weather.

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