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August 23, 2019

Why We Love Our Community!

If you did not know, we have three locations of 4 Storage 4 You, and they also happen to be in three outstanding neighborhoods. Our two PA locations of Bristol PA and Philadelphia PA are only 10 miles apart, while our third location is in Deer Park NY. All of our locations have the storage solutions you will need. In addition to a facility to store your belongings, during the month of August we are focusing on what makes our neighborhoods so great. This includes sharing our favorite places to explore and dine at within our communities, along with some sharing some neighborhood friends too.

Have a look at why our store managers love working in Bristol PA, Deer Park NY, and Philadelphia PA!

Favorites Of Bristol PA

Although Bristol Township and the surrounding areas are small communities, they are all connected by the people living in them keeping strong relations with each other. Customers of our storage facility seem to be recommended by other families (past or current tenants). This gives off that warm family feel here at 4 Storage 4 You – Bristol. We also really like the connections we have made with our neighborhood friends.

  • Beach’s Hardware – Located on the corner of our street, and has been a staple in the community since the 1950s. We go there to find everything we need to handle our maintenance.
  • Stadium Bar & Grill – Right around the corner from our facility, if you are looking for a quick bite to eat!

Favorites Of Deer Park NY

4 Storage 4 You - Deer Park NY
4 Storage 4 You – Deer Park NY

Being active members of the Deer Park NY Chamber of Commerce we have made many connections and neighborhood friends. Along with many friendships with people of the community as well. Also, we have made great connections with businesses in our area and the surrounding areas.

Both of these restaurants have amazing food and service. Additionally, the owners of each restaurant are very generous donors to the community. They really love to get to know the members of the community on a personal level.

“We love how Deer Park is a very multicultural community, so we have restaurants and shops reflecting all the different cultures.” – Our store manager.

Favorites Of Philadelphia PA

With our facility having a lot of other businesses and attractions around us, it is easy to be involved with our great and diverse community. Also, it is amazing how much everyone in our area gets along!

  • Bi-Rite Deli – Has been around for years, and we always eat breakfast here!
  • Beneficial Bank – Located in the same plaza as Bi-Rite Deli and our bank of choice!

“Being located right across the street from the Northeast Airport, we are able to see some cool things like the Metlife Blimp and some great looking helicopters” – store manager.

Are you moving to or need some additional space for your belongings in the Bristol PA, Deer Park NY, or Philadelphia PA area? All three of our locations can be the solution for you! Give our facilities a call, or rent online to find the self-storage unit you desire!

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