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March 15, 2019

Removing Extra Items By Selling Online

Starting a shop on Etsy? Looking to get rid of a few things around the house? Consider selling them online! 4 Storage has storage space help you keep your boxes and seasonal items safe, along with items you are selling online. We understand the need for an open floor plan around the house and between our tips to sell online and storage space, we have you covered.

4 Storage has a location in Bristol PA, Philadelphia PA, and Deer Park NY. This makes choosing a storage unit near you simple and easy. Rent online and start getting organized right away.

Sell Online

Sell Your Items Online

  1. Start with your website. If you are not making one for your small business, then choose one to host your belongings. Etsy is great for crafters, EBay is ideal for hobbyists, and Facebook Marketplace can help you furnish your new apartment.
  2. The photo is what can attract a new customer or deter them. Take a few good photos to post.
  3. Selling name brand gear? Take a picture of something that proves it is authentic.
  4. If you are having more of a yard sale, start your price high so there is room for negotiating.
  5. Be professional. Many sites show a rating for customers and sellers.

When you are looking for storage for your next move or moved and realized your house does not have enough space, 4 Storage can help. Whether you choose to store your items, sell them, or store them while you sell them, our self storage is here to help.

Selling online can bring in a little extra income or get ready for the next vacation. Many college students use websites like Let Go or Ebay to sell past semester’s books. Textbooks are expensive, so if you can get a few dollars back that is helpful. Many small businesses use storage to keep their product safe. An online store costs much less for business owner then an actual store front, and self storage can be a vital part to their future.

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