May 1, 2018

Short Term Storage for College Gear

How is your summer storing going? Is the dorm room all packed up and ready to head home? 4 Storage is preparing you for summer with short term storage tips. Finish the last exam, and get ready to move out of the dorm room! If you need a safe spot to keep everything while you travel home or you want to stay organized while on summer break, a storage unit is helpful.

You may be a few weeks from the dreaded finals week, so while you study remember to reserve your unit early. Reserving now is best so you can check it off your long list of things to do. Tell us the date you need and we will have it waiting for you. When you come with the moving trucks and boxes your unit will be ready to protect your gear.

Hot weather can be tough on books, clothing, and mini fridges, so add temperature controlled to your must-have self storage features. If you need help deciding what would be the right option for you, call, email, or stop in to see us.

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